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Spring - French Navy

As follow up to the 2010 mission, the French Navy (Marine Nationale) once again provided substantial support to the project, with the mine hunter Cassiopée (top photo)dedicating 10 days to investigate some of the targets found on the 2010 expedition.  Equipped with a team of divers and a Remotely Operated Vehicle (bottom photo), the Cassiopée crew investigated 30 targets, but none of them were the elusive BHR. The BHR project is proving to be an outstanding international collaboration between our two countries that share such an important maritime heritage.

Summer - US Navy

During the 2011 BHR mission, some USN deep diving records were set in the North Sea! This mission was to investigate and classify targets found in 2010. With substantial U.S. Navy support, the team had the benefit of two Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, a side scan sonar and magnetometer. But most importantly, a team of 24 divers was on board to get a hands-on look at some of the targets.  A midshipmen from the U.S. Naval Academy also participated in the mission. We investigated and ruled out 23 more sites, and next year will return for another survey.

We wish to thank our wonderful donors and the following collaborators for their support in this search for one of the Navy's own:

Divers prepare for a dive in the North Sea.  They set a diving record of 233 feet!
Photo:  M. Ryan

The aft deck of GRASP hums with activity when the divers surface. They have only 5 minutes to get from 40 feet deep, out of their gear, and into the dive chamber to ensure their safety. Photo:  M. Ryan

A film crew from Discovery Channel Canada shoots a scene with the launch of a ROV.  Watch for our mission featured on an episode of "Mighty Ships."   Photo:  M. Ryan

The salvage ship USNS GRASP. Photo: M. Ryan

Master Chief Greg Lammers flies a replica of HMS SERAPIS's flag.  MC Lammers had served on the USS John Paul Jones (DDG-53).   Photo:  K. Dixon

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